Did u seriously get that bored or curious to
come way down here? Don't worry we got that
bored designing this website. Yes we did. lol.
Simplicity 26 Mix is an exclusive webcast from Club GEM and to Club GEM. DJ's who Play on this web cast are from all
over the word. When special events are hosted at Club GEM in Perham, MN; the event is webcasted here. Sometimes
even private parties are webcasted. (not all Dee Jay's playing at Club GEM are present sense some of the guest talent
are from other parts of the world. No pre-recorded sets here, no midi controllers, no fake shit or fake skillz. Just
straight up from the old days Vinyl, and CD's. Disc Jockeys!
We are now placing interactive games to play while you chat and listen
to Simplicity 26 Mix.
Please make sure to turn the volume off on the
game to hear the web cast.
Games will change periodically. Each web
cast station has a different game.